Broker Name How to change IB
FXTMTo transfer your FXTM existing account under Myfxrebates company you need to Send email to [email protected] to ask them put your account under Partner ID : 4906959
XMBy XM Broker policy Existing clients does not allow to participate in our rebate program unless open completely new account with new email address. Follow the Link to open new account with new email.
TickmillTo transfer your existing account under Myfxrebates, please send an email to [email protected] & ask them to put your account under IB69979871
ExnessTo change existing IB account with Exness,You should register a new account with Exness using Our IB Link.
HotforexIf your trading account is not assigned to any IB ID,then you can send an email and have a request to put your trading account under 114138 IB.

But in the other hand if your trading account has been already dealt under another IB ID,then you need to create a new trading account through his/her HotForex Area & on the Introducing broker field he/she will need to enter Myfxrebates ID, Our IB ID is : 114138
Ic marketIf client account have not been linked to an IB previously or want to change existing IB they can send an email to the [email protected] to request them to be under IB ID 6681

Sample Email:

My name is…. my account is…..please set my account under IB ID 6681
Thanks you

But i suggest to open completely new account with new email address. Follow the Link to open new account with new email.
TifiaIf you already have tifia account, you can get Tifia rebate by put your account under our IB, please follow the steps:
Please send support request in your profile in order to change your IB for all trading accounts follow this Link

1. Then Select Category "Partnership"
2. In Message box type: My name is…. please set my account under this uid=831215196.
By send email to Tifia [email protected] or [email protected] departement to assign your account under this uid=831215196.

How does It Work

1 Connect Account

Select a suitable cashback deal for you. You can open new accounts via our referral link at best selected 25 providers forex field. Just select & chose your reliable broker

2 Account Verification

After you told us your account number we'll verify whether is it under our affiliate network or not. If we're eligable to receive commission after your account, it gets verified.

3 Receive Cashback

After your accounts gets verified, you'll receive update about your casback. When we receive money after your account, we'll immidiately share the majority of this money with you.

4 Withdraw Your Money

When you reach $20 cashback you can withdraw it to numerous payment providers such as Skrill, NETELLER, etc. Or you can get your money directly to your supported broker.